Jason Spillner

Obituary of Jason Kurt Spillner

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On October 8th, 1972 a true warrior was born into this world. Jason Kurt Hedley Spillner, from his early childhood, learned the true tenets of what it meant to be a warrior. With most of his early teachings coming from his older brother Derek, later he would seek to perfect his skills through years of dedicated martial art training in multiple disciplines, notably reaching 5th dan level in Tae Kwon Do. But the legend of the Spillner brothers still lives strong today. As well as mastering the physical skills of a warrior, Jay displayed the deeper qualities as well - courage and wisdom. Always yearning to learn more in life and to explore deeper levels of himself, Jay, with this mindset mastered many skills in his lifetime. Graduating from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor’s degree, he would go on to create several successful businesses, most notably RAVENSBERG College where he trained and inspired many young warrior-minded souls in the art of law enforcement. When he put his mind to something, Jason’s ability to focus and study extended to many facets of his life. From the development of his deep meditation practice to the legends of his prowess with Excel Spreadsheets, Jay knew how to give himself fully to whatever he was interested in, whether it was cooking or computers, kicking butt or kicking back, raising his two amazing children, or even raising eyebrows with his body building training. His accomplishments are far too many to list. In 2019 Jason had a vision during a deep plant medicine ceremony that his greatest battle was yet to come. Months later he would be diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with Lymphoma. True to Jay’s positive and fearless warrior mindset he faced this reality with hope and courage. Never wavering from his goal of growing old, he fought with every ounce of his beautiful spirit to stay alive. Trying treatment after treatment and endless types of medication, there was nothing he wouldn’t suffer through if there was a hope of healing him. Always flashing his big smile with his baby blue eyes, he would never complain about his struggles. Instead, he’d find ways to comfort you and offer his wisdom if you needed it. After a valiant effort of legendary proportions he finally and peacefully succumbed to his illness and just after dawn on August 31st he gently crossed over with those he loved the most by his side, guiding his spirit to return home. Jason is survived by the one true love of his life, Stacey McKinlay, who courageously stood by his side through every moment of this three year long battle, making what would have been a terrifying journey one of the deepest explorations of what true and devout love between two soulmates can be. He is also survived by his two greatest creations, his children, Krish and Kya, who are left to honour the amazing life and legend of their father. His proud and supportive parents, Helen and Dieter, humbly held space for Jay to grow throughout his life and to his last breath they were by his side. His older brother Derek, who knew and loved Jay to a depth only a brother could, fought by his side throughout his life and even did his best to help Jason fight this final battle. His two sisters, Cynthia and Chrystal, are also left to hold close the many memories of their beautiful brother. Many hearts are hurting with the passing of this great legend of a man. But Jay would want us all to wipe away our tears, hold our heads up high, and courageously with true warrior spirit, meet life with great love and positive energy as he always showed us how to do. There will be a celebration of Jason’s life in the near future open to family and those who were closest to him.
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