Our Staff

Our dedicated and supportive staff are here to guide you through this difficult journey. We take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met. We are here for you. 

Trevor J. Tracey - Funeral Director/Embalmer

Founder and president of T.J. Tracey Cremation and Burial Specialists, located in Glace Bay and Halifax.

The son of the late Gigger and Trudy (Wilson) Tracey. Trevor was born and raised in Glace Bay, the youngest of 16 children.

Trevor’s success comes from his humble approach to all that he does and belief that it’s a privilege and honor to serve the families that come to us in their time of need. 

Linda Tracey -  Office Administrator, Glace Bay Location

Linda, was born and raised in Glace Bay giving her a strong sense of community and excellent foundation to build on.  Her approachable nature, professionalism and commitment to the families we serve shows in all that she does.

Debbie Tracey - Facilities  Manager - Glace Bay Location

Debbie’s genuine concern for others has been demonstrated in both her personal and professional life.  She has worked alongside her brother Trevor for over 16 years; her dedication to serving our families at need has been an integral part of the success of T.J. Tracey Cremation and Burial Specialists.

Wendy Lynk -  Funeral Director, Glace  Bay Location

Wendy has been providing support and guidance to the families of Cape Breton as a Funeral Director for over 16 years.  Wendy’s attention to detail, compassion for others and warm communication style makes her the perfect fit for her chosen profession.

John Robinson - Funeral Director Assistant, Glace Bay Location

An essential member of the Glace Bay team, John has been dedicated to serving families for over 20 years; working collaboratively with his colleagues to ensure all aspects of your experience runs smoothly. 

Jim Norton - Funeral Director/Lay Minister, Halifax Location

Jim's  faith and empathy for others are two qualities that shine through.  He has a natural ability to put families at ease during their time of grief.  Jim has been offering counsel and comfort to bereaved families for over 21 years. 

Josh Crawford - Funeral Director/Pastor, Halifax Location

As well as an experienced Funeral Director,  Josh is also an ordained minister.  He  is very active in the community of Beechville,  giving him an understanding of various customs and cultures.  He has an innate quality to be able to quickly adapt his communication style to new situations to ensure our clients needs are met.  Patiently counseling families to help them make difficult and emotional decisions, through their time of grief. 

Dale Jackson - Funeral Director/Embalmer, Halifax Location

Serving those in a time of need for over 50 years.  When people have just lost someone near and dear to them Dale has the compassion and skill-set needed  to help people through one of the most difficult times of their lives. 

Dale considers it a great gift and a blessing to be a part of this noble profession.