Walter Hayward

Obituary of Walter Hayward

Walter was a man of deep faith, a keen mind, a lover of the simple pleasures of life. He had an exceptional ability to build rapport with strangers and a deep commitment to inclusion of those pushed to the margins. Walter loved a good conversation, a well-executed sermon, live jazz, strolling the Public Gardens, reading novels and newspapers, and telling stories. We remember last minute summer road trips that often led to nights spent in sketchy motels, the April 30th ritual of madly posting clients’ tax returns at the midnight deadline, followed by a “we survived tax season” dessert. A lifelong member of the United Church, Walter’s deep faith and progressive inclinations were nurtured in the inclusive values of the church. Walter chose life again and again, possessing an unshakable inner strength that often belied his life circumstances. Walter is survived by his three kids, Ian, Scott and Beth Hayward. We offer our gratitude to those special friends who walked with him in recent years; to the caring team on QEII 8.2 in his last days. We will celebrate his life and faith at Brunswick St. United Church on Tuesday, August 24th at 3pm. Donations in his honour can be made to the Brunswick St. Mission. And now, a different take on a life well lived… Well, it despairs us to say 78 YEARS ON and the OLD Fella is Gone. This is neither Covid related nor a conspiracy to avoid deciding whether Trudeau needs another term. Walter was the “sun” of Hilda Cumming and George Hayward, he was born In New Glasgow, Nova Scotia but spent his formative years in Amherst, passing the time getting into mischief. Coasting down Eddy Street in the winter, playing jackknives and harassing young girls in the schoolyard with his bean shooter. We had the privilege of repeatedly hearing stories of his childhood. He told us he was put out to pasture to perform farm labour on the Amherst Shore after telling his parents he would rather spend his summers by the beach. Walter married in ‘66 without a career plan or any idea of what he wanted to do. In the summer of ’69, unemployed, he purchased a shiny new Volkswagen Beetle and made way for Kitchener Ontario. Baby Ian securely wedged between the coffee table and the roof. He took up a job at Harvey’s and learned the utility of 4 letter words. Returning to Halifax he held various jobs to support his growing family before his accounting career took off in the late 70s. Walter was a fan of The Montreal Expos, Elton John and making sure his sons were outfitted with the best beige turtleneck shirts that money could buy. He loved fine wine, meeting new people, checking all 73 of his jacket pockets when he had misplaced something and latterly, running up a tab at the Sourwood. (Geez, did someone ever follow up on that?) He was fond of sparring with his teenage children using a self-taught slap kung fu style while saying “HI-YA-KA-YA.” He also enjoyed Pepsi Cola, collecting Kleenex and always trying to pass people in heavy traffic, “Damn Damn Double Damn” he would say. I can still picture my mother gripping the dashboard. He had few regrets, although photographic fashion evidence from the 1970’s suggest he should have had a couple more. He left behind a heck of a lot of things, so if you want 800 paperback books or bags of used Kleenex, well it’s actually too late. Unlike previous times, we can assure you that he is not just avoiding creditors and rivals, he is really gone. (We Think). He will be dearly missed by his close friends and his children Ian, Scott, Beth.

Celebration of life

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Brunswick St. United Church
2107 Brunswick St
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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