Michael McLeod

Obituary of Michael Francis McLeod

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Michael Francis Mcleod, Sr. passed away on 31 December 2022, at age 74. He is survived by his eldest daughter, Carrie; his daughter, Kellie; his son, Michael; his youngest child, Cat; his granddaughter, Deja; his grandson, Gabriel; and his youngest grandchild, Oliver. Michael was deeply loved and respected by his family, friends, colleagues, and community. He loved spending time with his family, especially with his children and grandchildren. So often, He expressed how incredibly proud he was of each one of his children and grandchildren. Michael talked about his grandchildren at every chance he could and spoke of how much he loved each of them. Nothing made Michael smile and laugh more lovingly than when he was talking about his grandchildren. Michael enjoyed fishing and hunting and passed his woodsman knowledge on to his children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. He taught his family about building fires, how to move quietly through the bush when hunting, the best places to wait for passing deer, the best places to cast your fishing line and how to attract fish to your lure. Aside from any activities, Michael just loved the wilderness and being out in nature. He often said that he was at his happiest when he was deep in the woods. Michael loved music, and anyone who knew him, knew that he couldn't resist whistling or singing along to his favorite oldies songs from the 60s. Michael was usually heard whistling a tune to himself even when there was no music to be found except for the tune that was playing in his head. Michael was a talented musician and loved to play the guitar. He played guitar in many bands throughout his life, and he enjoyed singing and playing his favorite songs solo or around a campfire with his family and friends. Michael enjoyed reading, writing, and telling stories. He enjoyed reading science fiction. One of his favorite authors was Isaac Asimov. Michael wrote many stories; he wrote stories about his own life and experiences, and he wrote stories of fiction that he had dreamed up on his own. Above all, Michael was a great storyteller. He loved to read to his children and grandchildren and give each character in the story their own unique voice. Michael enjoyed telling stories about his childhood and growing up in Kline Heights. He told the story about his pet tortoise, he named Henry, and how he found him in the woods as a child by mistaking it for a rock that began to move while he was standing on it. He told the story about the time he encountered a waterspout one day by himself while fishing at Hail's pond as a child and how it scared the “ever-loving bejesus” out of him. Michael will be deeply missed and lovingly remembered by his family and friends for all the wonderful memories they have with him and for the love and pride he had for his family. He will be remembered for all his knowledge and teachings, his music, and his many stories. The following is a short post Michael wrote about his memories growing up in Kline Heights: "Do you remember when Withrod was the only paved street, The ball field was still used to play ball, Sunset avenue went all the way to Mountain Road, and Rose's made the best fish and chips in the City, The Salvation army band still played on the rocks next to Marriott's Store. When Withrod Lake served as a swimming pool in the summer and skating rink in the winter. When Robie Bradley still delivered your milk to the door and the tasty freeze truck was the only place you could get soft ice cream. When there was still a frog pond on Sunset and Cowie Hill was the woods which separated us from Spryfield. If you do, then you are blessed."
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